Welcome to the Enhanced Multidimensional Principal Performance Rubric, supporting principals and principal evaluators as they make explicit connections between the actions, decisions and learning of school leaders and ongoing, sustainable improvements to teaching and learning in the schools they lead. Comprised of two major sections, Part 1 of the MPPR supports the use of the Educational Leadership Policy Standards: ISLLC 2008. Part 2 supports Goal Setting and Attainment.

While a key use of the MPPR is evaluation, when incorporated into a professional assessment process that includes diagnostic and formative moments, as well as summative evaluation, the MPPR promotes reflection, shared discourse and the development of communities of professionals committed to improving practice and learning.

The Enhanced MPPR fosters and deepens common understanding and common language. Designed with the help of superintendents, principals and leadership experts, the Enhanced MPPR highlights key terms, expectations and concepts and links them to explanations, activities, resources and images of excellence that assist users in unpacking meaning and intent and also provide scaffolds for improvement-related actions.

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